Reuse Month

Client: Southern Waste Region, Eastern Midlands Waste, Connacht Ulster Waste Date: September 29, 2016 Category:

not a rubber tyre
this is not a jam jar
inner tubes you say?
better on me
give your jeans a makeover
who says I can't fix it!

Coming up with the concept…

‘Reusing’ is something I’m quite passionate about, and so I was really chuffed to have been chosen to create 6 posters for part of the Reuse Month campaign taking place allover Ireland this October.

The campaign is trying to change people’s minds about what they think of as ‘rubbish’. Mulling this over I remembered the artist Magritte’s piece called ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’ which questioned the idea of the image itself. ‘This is not a pipe’ referred to the fact that it is actually a picture of a pipe rather than a pipe itself.

And so was born the campaign to help show that the piece of rubbish in your hand is not a piece of rubbish at all, it’s the material from which you can make wonderful things – all you need is imagination.