Whats the difference between .ie and .com?

An .ie domain name is an Irish domain name, while a .com domain name is an International domain name. Both can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Anyone can register an available .com domain name. For an.ie domain name you must register your company number and prove you are working in Ireland. The process is a little longer but it can mean that your customers have more trust in your company than a .com.


  • You are targeting a global market
  • It is not important to your customers that you are based in Ireland.

NOTE: It can be wise to register both domains if they are available, and have your website on the .com domain and point the .ie domain toward it.


  • You are targeting an Irish market
  • You are targeting a global market but it is important that your customers know you are Irish (for example if you are a jewelry maker of Claddagh rings).
.NOTE: If you are targeting purely an Irish market .ie domains hosted within Ireland and having an Irish IP address generally tend to perform better on the search engines, potentially leading to a higher volume of traffic on your site.